“WebSpectator technology allowed us to increase our ad revenue overnight, just by adding their 1 line of code and starting
to monetize time spent on the portal.”

-Andre Chaves, CEO, iG Brazil

“Time-Based Engagement Champ Batkin Named CEO Of Webspectator
Digital media veteran and champion of time-based engagement advertising models Andy Batkin has been named CEO of Webspectator, which markets a variety of advertising formats guaranteeing advertisers time-based advertising exposure in digital media.”

"Companies like Chartbeart, Grapeshot, WebSpectator and others are pushing for attention metrics over clicks and large publishers like the Financial Times, the Economist Group, Upworthy, and The Wall Street Journal are now selling ads based on time spent."

"Beyond Viewability: New Metrics Shift Dollars to Digital
Sponsor Post: Why Brand Marketers Need CPA-like Metrics for the Attention Economy"

“Time As A Currency Is Making Waves.
The Financial Times recently announced it would dabble with time as a currency, and WebSpectator, a real-time bidding (RTB) ad exchange that lets marketers trade digital ad inventory using time as a metric.”

“WebSpectator Verified as Fifth Largest U.S. Ad Network, Global Network Reach Extends to 430 Million Unique Visitors Per Month.”

“Digital Advertising's 'Dark Little Secret' Has Had Its Time.
WebSpectator, a real-time ad exchange that uses its own “guaranteed time slot” metric to facilitate trading, wanted to improve upon the current standard”

"Forget CPM - It's Time For Time To Be The New Metric."

“This is just more of the same. It's still very complicated to create a standard that suits everyone,” says WebSpectator founder Andre Parreira. “At the end of the day, no one wants to buy a premium video slot for two seconds. They don't want their video viewed, they want it seen.”

"WebSpectator founder André Parreira stated his company's technology can measure VAST inventory because "on top of our VAST player integration, we have a unique realtime bidirectional connection that WebSpectator establishes with the user device/browser."

"Real-Time Daily caught up with Andre Parreira, the company’s founder a, to see how the unique technology is being used by buyers and sellers today. He noted that publishers are using the GTS metric even for their direct, guaranteed sales."

"For years, the way advertising has been bought and sold on the internet has been fundamentally flawed.
The Financial Times is experimenting with a new currency that, if adopted across the internet, could change not only how web media companies sell ads, but how they produce the content those ads run beside.
In addition to the web analytics firm Chartbeat, which is working with the Financial Times, there's WebSpectator, a company that sells ads based on time spent and has worked with TMZ and the Portuguese business publication Economico."

"We’ll also discuss the opportunities viewability opens up in bold engagement metrics (e.g., hover time) that enables publishers to share more meaningful data and perhaps bump up CPMs. There’s also the potential for innovative pricing schemes built against metrics like WebSpectator’s Guaranteed Time Slot."

"Advertisers are beginning to realize that digital advertising is intelligent enough to get rid of that waste, so that all ad time is completely optimized. Using new metrics including “time spent” are the new safeguards for digital advertisers and working with many of the largest advertisers has given WebSpectator a firsthand glimpse at this trend. Put simply, advertisers want the same security and safety for digital spend as they receive for TV spend."

"”The MRC has been evaluating and accrediting the viewability technologies of ad tech firms and has approved 11 vendors: RealVu, comScore vCE-Validation, DoubleVerify, Google Active View,, Integral Ad Science, Alenty, Sizmek, Moat, WebSpectator for Publishers and Glam Media.”

A major turning point was the increased percentage of ads that could be measured, Gunzerath noted. “When we began our study, only about 10% of ads served in some campaigns were measurable,” he said."

"Now marketers should be able to purchase display ads based on new viewability metrics.

The MRC issued its first advisory on November 12, 2012, to identify issues in transaction on viewable impressions. Currently it has accredited 11 viewable impression measurers, including RealVu, comScore, vCE-Validation, DoubleVerify, Google Active View, (acquired by Google), Integral Ad Science, Alenty, Sizmek, Moat, WebSpectator, and Glam Media."

"The mystery has left brand marketers with two choices: Scratch their heads helplessly as they await an answer that may be eons away. Or leap ahead of the standards boards to create their own measurements of viewable impressions.

One entity that seems to have leapt successfully is WebSpectator. The result of painstaking research, this product is distinguished as the first to incorporate time as a factor in digital content. Video, of course, already enables brand marketers to measure minutes watched. Once a viewer hits play, running time is automatically logged. WebSpectator brings this same kind of precision measuring beyond the video arena and delivers it straight into other digital realms."

"US — Two companies this week received Media Rating Council (MRC) accreditation: Integral Ad Science and WebSpectator.
The accreditation for Integral was for its ad verification technology, which follows on from the November accreditation of its viewability product.
WebSpectator, meanwhile, received accreditation for its Guaranteed Time Slot (GTS) ad viewability metric.
The company said that “in addition to its viewable impression statistics, the Total GTS, Premium GTS, and GTS by Ad Zone metrics in WebSpectator for Publishers are now MRC accredited”."

"The companies selected for the press briefing include: AdSpruce, Cinegif, Convertro, DudaMobile, Sensegon, TAPTAP Networksand WebSpectator.
An exclusive speed round media briefing was held on day one to highlight the show’s top news announcements from selected exhibitors. Each of the seven finalist companies was allotted three minutes to present in front of an audience of ad:tech’s attending press."

"“Now advertisers don’t need to worry about above or below the fold placements. Instead, they can focus on generating guaranteed exposure,” says WebSpectator CEO, Andre Parreira. “Using time as a metric, WebSpectator has pioneered a way to make the traditional digital advertising model work more efficiently for the real-time Web. Also, publishers can max out their inventory by serving more than one ad while the viewer is looking at the page. At the same time, advertisers can pay for what they are actually getting based on the time users are spending with their ads.”"

"In a recent interview from ad:tech San Francisco, Andre Parreira from Webspectator chats with TheMail about the time-based advertising services that WebSpectator provides, and explains why using this online advertising model is beneficial for online publishers and advertisers."

"We believe this is a major step forward for the industry, one that will bring benefits for the whole ecosystem, and assist the shift of more TV dollars into digital. WebSpectator is pleased to be at the forefront of empowering advertisers and publishers to understand this new metric. We’re also proud to be in a select group of companies accredited to work with this metric and look forward to helping the MRC/IAB moving forward on the topic."

"By adopting this standard for viewable display impressions, the entire marketplace – agencies, marketers and publishers – will benefit from the improved quality and accountability of digital advertising," said George Ivie, executive director and CEO of the MRC The approved vendors on the MRC's list include: RealVu, comScore vCE-Validation, DoubleVerify, Google Active View,, Integral Ad Science, Alenty, Sizmek, Moat, WebSpectator and Glam Media."

"MRC is planning to make an official announcement about viewable impressions on Monday. Its complete list of accredited vendors so far includes RealVu, comScore vCE-Validation, DoubleVerify, Google Active View,, Integral Ad Science, Alenty, Sizmek (formerly DG Mediamind), Moat, WebSpectator and Glam Media."

"There is a lot of wasted advertising. You are on a page and there are impressions below the fold you don't see. Advertisers must pay for those impressions. GTS is able to tell when the impression is in view. If you are selling time slots, it becomes a compelling conversation," says Dhanik. "You are turning below-the-fold slots into usable inventory." From the publisher's standpoint that means they can better monetize their inventory, and advertisers only buy what is viewed.

"There’s no reason why publishers’ can’t start to trade "exposed time" as a currency, not just impressions. This is a metric that we feel is closer to the actual outcome an advertiser is seeking – impressions themselves are just a convenient mechanism to trade."

"Good branding, especially higher up the funnel, relies on brand exposure. It’s not good enough for the brand to load, only for the user to scroll away in a second. The more time the targeted consumer spends with the ad and the content around it, the better exposure the brand has."

"Riddle me this – what if desktop display ads were more like TV commercials?
A recent recipient of accreditation by the Media Rating Council, GTS may be widely viewed as just another metric in the ever-growing viewability canon, but Parreira sees it going much further – opening up time as a new dimension in advertising metrics."

"How do you create more space for digital ads when consumers are limited to an 11-22 inch screen? Just add some time to it. Webspectator, a real-time ad exchange that measures a consumer’s time spent viewing ads, on Wednesday announced it has received Media Rating Council (MRC) accreditation for its “guaranteed time slot” (GTS) advertising metric."

“A recent recipient of accreditation by the Media Rating Council, GTS may be widely viewed as just another metric in the ever-growing viewability canon, but Parreira sees it going much further – opening up time as a new dimension in advertising metrics."

“We can finally show advertisers how many people are actually engaging with their ad, which has led to higher CPMs,” Chaves said. Whereas iG’s initial CPM rates hovered between $1 to $1.50, it’s now as high as $18 to $20.

"André Parreira, founder of WebSpectator, talks with Allvoices at ad:tech about maximizing viewability and ad exposure in order to get the most for your advertising dollar."

"By placing a line of code on webpages, the company claims it can measure the time spent viewing an ad down to the millisecond. “Finally, advertisers can buy what’s real and eliminate waste,” WebSpectator CEO Andre Parreira told AdExchanger."

"WebSpectator's ad technology was featured as a "Cool Vendor" for Media in Gartner's Cool Vendors 2012 report. The analysis carried out by Andrew C. Frank, Jennifer Beck and David Mitchell Smith said that "the software has the potential to revolutionize the way display advertising is bought, sold, and managed on the web."

"Webspectator, a real-time advertising exchange that measures a consumer's time spent viewing ads, today unveiled its new "guaranteed time slot" metric at ad:tech New York."